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Getting Noticed Is Harder Than Ever

In the age of the Internet and ATS (applicant tracking systems), getting your résumé the attention it deserves has never been more critical – and more difficult – in your upper management career search. 

Our purpose is to “tell your story” so you can bring your executive prowess to your next organization.

Do You Know How To:

  • Get past the résumé “black hole”?
  • Make the ATS see value?
  • Stand out from other applicants without bragging?
  • Start from a position of strength?
  • Highlight your advantage to a hiring manager in 10 seconds or less?

Let’s Get You Noticed

convert Your Expertise Into Words

Get More Calls And Offers Than Ever

“This team is great! Very quick response time. They took time to understand me and my history and provided an updated resume and cover letter that highlighted my leadership skills in a new way. I got better job and higher pay because of their work. Highly recommend.”
Brian Rurik
Engineering Manager
“I was passed up for a position at my old company because I didn’t know how to express that I could do an amazing job in the new role that I wanted. It was really demoralizing. I came to Corner Office Writing Services on the recommendation of a friend. The process was simple and easy. I got quick feedback on what I needed to do, got a draft the next day and was so happy with it, I cried. It was like someone had finally communicated what I had been trying to say for years, so clearly and concisely. Everyone I showed it to was impressed. That day, I posted my refreshed resume up on Indeed and LinkedIn and I got 2 interview offers, completely unsolicited. During the interview, I got job offers immediately. That’s never happened to me before. I’m so grateful to Dustin for all his help.”
Aubrie Jones
Sales Executive

Résumé Writing

This is your ESPN highlight reel. Tailored to a job description to show you’re the most unique fit. Breeze through the applicant tracking systems and the people who will read your résumé. Quantitative results and clear qualities unique to you will get you noticed and hired fast.

Interview Prep

Interviews are all about first impressions. I’ve been on the other side of the hiring table and I’ll show you how to sail through the interview so you come across at your best. There’s a proven framework for how to answer even the trickiest questions that will make the right impression.

Cover Letters

This is your connection point, your big “why” that ties your career together to get employers to notice you. The cover letter is often the dividing point that will give you the critical difference you need to get the job offer.

Social Media Interview Magnet

We live in the age where it’s not just who you know, it’s how you present yourself. Social media is a powerful tool to get you noticed, make employers interested, and get you offers on autopilot. We’ll turn your social media presence into a powerful showcase of your unique talents.

Clear Communication Gets You Into The Corner Office

Instead of sending out endless résumés, never hearing back, or getting into interviews that only leave you rejected…

You’ll be sending targeted campaigns, getting more responses than ever, and having your pick of multiple offers.

There’s a proven way to do it. I’ve been in your shoes as well as theirs. I know how they think. We’ll use that to your advantage.

So Proud Of My Clients

When my clients are finally recognized for their true value, they become leaders at top organizations around the world.

Your Corner Office Is Only 3 Steps Away

Results You Can See

Wharton Business School MBAs use a specific template to get amazing careers. We will employ a modified version of this format to get you an unfair advantage in your job search and get you amazing results.

“I highly recommend working with Dustin. At first I was skeptical of using someone I hadn’t met before, so I actually looked him up on LinkedIn first! He really delivered. He was incredibly prompt in his responses, and most importantly, he got results – of the five resumes and cover letters that I submitted to firms I wanted to work for that were not even advertising a position, I received two great job offers! I highly recommend working with Dustin.”
Casey Karlsen
Legal Professional

I understand what it’s like to watch your peers being promoted ahead of you.

To feel stuck in a dead end or be worried about an uncertain future in your career. 

I was there myself back before the Great Recession. I was newly married and just finishing my MBA. I had 3 months before my student loan payments would start with no prospects in sight. 

We were living in a condo with 2 roommates to afford rent. HAD to get it together and get a better career.

It was only when a new opportunity came across my radar that I was able to take control of my destiny.

I had been writing résumés for friends for years (the same ones getting ahead of me), so I prepared for the interview of a lifetime. I ended up getting the job only 3 days before all the bills came due.

That’s why I created Corner Office Writing Services. So you can regain confidence in your career and move upward quickly. You already know you do great work. I’ll help you show the world so they see it too.


Dustin Bilton

Take Your Place Just Like They Did

I am in the middle of a career change and I had no idea what to do with my resume. I needed help marketing myself in the private sector. I didn’t know how to stick out amongst the rest.

Since sending out my new resume, I have received many leads, interviews, and even job offers. It is clear that Dustin has mastered the craft.

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Adan Bonilla
Business Development
I was in the middle of a mid-life career crisis. I had been at one job for 24 years and needed a resume that would knock it out of the park

Not only did he help me with my resume, but he made a LinkedIn account and a cover letter for me.  I couldn’t be happier with the professional service he has provided.

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Gina Anderson
Insurance Underwriter
I’d like to start by saying Dustin is solid gold and he is worth his weight in gold. When you are fortunate to connect with his service count your lucky stars.

I was able to launch a successful business at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic with Dustin’s services as the foundation of my business.

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Jeanée Stuart
CEO – Professional Caregiver

Send Me Your Résumé

Since these are highly customized résumé projects, taking hours of dedicated time to complete, I want to make sure this will be a good fit for both of us.

I’ll take a look and will be able to figure out what can be improved right away. 

I’ll meet you at the time you select and we can talk and we’ll discuss your goals and how I can help you.

I’ll give you clear steps to take and even give you my Wharton Business School résumé template for free as a gift.

You’ll get valuable feedback whether we work together or not.

It’s my guarantee you’ll be happy with your results and get more calls and offers than ever before.

Speak soon,

Dustin Bilton